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Our items use upcycled materials that will vary in style and fit. Older jackets tend to have different cuts than more modern jackets. Different brands will vary their sizing as well. A large of one brand may be a medium in another.

We try our best to disclose this info and will always provide an accurate measurement of the length and width.

The length is measured from the top shoulder seam, down to the bottom of the item. The width is measured from armpit to armpit, going across the back of the item.

If you are not satisfied with the fit, you can look into professional alterations. Or, you can return it at your own expense.


Please note that all items are one of a kind, no two items will look or fit the same. 


I see an item I like but it is not my size?
All items are one of a kind, If you like one that isn't your size please contact us and we will do what we can to create something similar or better!

Can I return my item?
Yes, if you are not satisfied then you may return the item at your own expense. 

How do I wash these items?
The flannels can be machine washed cold and tumble dried low. Preferably hang dry them. The jackets should be dry clean only. 

All designs are ironed on and then stitched securely but since these are all repurposed, hand made, one of a kind item. Please do not pull on any seams, or studs/spikes. The more care that you put into them, the longer they will last!

LILLY, Adam,


“I loved the flannel!! I was so positively surprised by the quality! It’s amazing! I bought it for my friend as a birthday present and she absolutely loved it!!"

Samantha, Harrington,


"Absolutely love my purchase from this business! The quality and attention to detail adding the full back patch on the shirt is incredible. I love that all their items are up-cycled as well. Highly recommend this shop and I will definitely be purchasing myself more!"

Scott, Lyons,


"This was the second product I purchased from Whiskey and Rust, and it was a custom job. Seller could not be better to work with at every step in the process, and both of my vests (which are something of a matched set) are just fantastic. The quality of Tim's workmanship is second to none, his prices are eminently fair, and he always has great ideas. This customer is a happy camper."

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