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Whiskey and Rust

We strive for the greater sustainability of the fashion industry. All of our items are thrifted and reworked into one of a kind pieces to hold onto forever. We take pride in lowering our carbon footprint and trying to bring change to this "fast fashion" world.

Did you know?

In America alone, an estimated 11.3 million tons of textile waste – equivalent to 85% of all textiles – end up in landfills on a yearly basis. That’s equivalent to approximately 81.5 pounds (37 kilograms) per person per year and around 2,150 pieces per second countrywide.

Where are your clothes going?

Many people in the Global North (primarily the US and Europe) assume when they donate clothes to organizations like Salvation Army, Goodwill, or Value Village that they will be reused locally, but this is typically not the case. The amount of used clothing that thrift stores in North America receive greatly exceeds the amount that they are able to sell here. Thus their solution is to ship the excess clothing abroad.

But this system of shipping unwanted used clothing to other countries relies on a major assumption — that these countries ‘want’ it. Increasingly, that is simply not to be the case. Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Burundi have all either banned or attempted to ban used clothing imports.

How is fast fashion affecting climate change?

It may surprise you to learn that the fashion industry produces about 10 percent of annual global carbon emissions, which is more than all maritime shipping and international flights combined. What's more, fast fashion's emissions of harmful greenhouse gases are projected to grow by more than 50 percent by 2030.

The fashion industry consumes copious amounts of water and generates huge amounts of wastewater. As a result, the fashion industry is responsible for the consumption of 79 trillion litres of water annually, contributing to about 20% of industrial wastewater

Stand out in a crowd

Our upcycled jackets are perfect for concerts, festivals, events or any night out!

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  • "Love the jacket. Patch fits perfect and is attached well. He does a really nice job. This shop is great. Already purchased another jacket. My daughter tried to steal it but was too big so I got her one. Will definitely be making future purchases."

    Derek, St. Marys, PA

  • "I can’t say enough great things about this shirt and the quality. It’s spectacular. I bought it exclusively to wear at the Guns N Roses concert, but this is a new regular in my attire because it’s soooo cool. I’d give it 1000 stars if I could."

    Jackie, Lenexa, KS

  • "OMG.. so PEERFECTLY PAIRED with this image! I Love all my purchases from this shop. Great stuff . I get compliments all the time!"

    Pam, Skokie, IL